• Qalamkar _ HR-01 FARIYA $425.00

    The Qalamkar Luxury Limelight dress is a Pakistani fashion masterpiece, radiating the vibrant charm of yellow limes. Crafted by the esteemed brand Qalamkar, it features exquisite Gotta embroidery on the bodice, lehenga, and the regal dupatta. Meticulously handcrafted, this formal attire is a symbol of Pakistani heritage and elegance. With a raw silk bodice, organza lehenga, and a jacquard weaved dupatta, it’s the perfect choice for a wedding or special occasion, ensuring you stand out in the world of Pakistani fashion.

  • Qalamkar _ HR-03 MEHER $425.00

    The Qalamkar Formal Tea Pink dress is a Pakistani fashion masterpiece, blending the regal allure of Red with exquisite golden embroidery. Crafted by the renowned brand Qalamkar, this formal attire is a symbol of opulence. With intricate Gotta Embroidery, hand-made details, and a Jacquard Weaved shirt, it’s the perfect wedding or formal event ensemble. The Rocket Net Dupatta and Raw Silk Gharara complete this elegant look, ensuring you radiate grace and tradition wherever you go. Elevate your style with this Pakistani clothing gem.

  • Qalamkar _ HR-05 MEHARBANO $425.00

    The Qalamkar Formal Navy Mirage, a Pakistani dress masterpiece, weaves a tapestry of elegance with its navy and dark red hues. Crafted from raw silk and organza, this dress boasts intricate Gotta and Sheesha embroidery, a testament to exquisite craftsmanship. Perfect for formal occasions and weddings, it epitomizes Pakistani women’s wear. This dress is a harmonious blend of tradition and modern allure, designed by the renowned brand Qalamkar. Embrace the rich heritage of Pakistani fashion with the Qalamkar Formal Navy Mirage.

  • Qalamkar _ HR-08 REENA $425.00

    The Qalamkar Formal Off White, a symbol of elegance, showcases a stunning blend of tradition and modernity. This Pakistani dress features a bodice adorned with intricate golden sheesha embroidery, handcrafted to perfection. The ethereal organza saree with sheesha embroidery and the raw silk patti coat complete the ensemble, making it the perfect choice for formal wear or a wedding dress. With its timeless charm and regal allure, this creation from the Qalamkar brand embodies the essence of Pakistani clothes for women.

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    Qalamkar _ LC-01 AYLA
    Qalamkar _ LC-01 AYLA
    Qalamkar _ LC-01 AYLA $405.00

    Elevate your style with the “Qalamkar LC-01 AYLA” dress from the Sahiba Luxury Formals Collection ’23. Handmade Gotta embroidery graces the bodice, sleeves, and lehenga, creating an exquisite ensemble. Crafted from premium Raw Silk and Net, this Pakistani formal dress is perfect for weddings and special occasions. Embrace tradition with a touch of modernity in this embroidered masterpiece _ Qalamkar LC-01 AYLA.

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    Qalamkar _ LC-02 MANHA
    Qalamkar _ LC-02 MANHA
    Qalamkar _ LC-02 MANHA $405.00

    Elevate your elegance with “Qalamkar – LC-02 MANHA” from the Sahiba Luxury Formals Collection ’23. This Pakistani dress exudes opulence with intricate Gotta embroidery on a Jacquard shirt, handcrafted borders, and embroidered sleeves. The Jacquard Dupatta adds a touch of sophistication, while the plain Raw Silk trousers complete the ensemble. Ideal for formal occasions and weddings, this dress is a masterpiece of Pakistani fashion, offering timeless beauty and traditional charm. Make a statement with Qalamkar’s exquisite craftsmanship.

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